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Archive of all the talks ever given at Laravel Nigeria.

Building World Class Applications

1 year agoJuly 29, 2017
Vanessa Osuka
  • Vanessa Osuka
  • Software Developer

Implementing Laravel mailables

In this talk we will expand Laravel Mailables and see how we can use them in our applications.

Stephen Afamo
  • Stephen Afamo
  • Developer at

Speaking Eloquent Eloquently

This talk will explore how we can master Eloquent and use all the hidden features of Laravel Eloquent.

Ore Ogundipe
  • Ore Ogundipe
  • Developer at

Applying machine learning in Laravel application

In this talk we will explore how to add Machine learning to your Laravel application!

Demystifying The Glory of Laravel: Artisanal Showcase

1 year agoApril 22, 2017
Lawrence Enehizena
  • Lawrence Enehizena
  • Software Developer

Surviving with thin controllers and models

In this talk, we will see how we can leverage various techniques of reducing bloat from controllers and models using service objects in Laravel.

Chris Nwamba
  • Chris Nwamba
  • Writer at DeepstreamHub

Lean Frontend with Vue

This talk will cover how we can leverage the power of Vue when creating the frontend for our Laravel applications.

Neo Ighodaro
  • Neo Ighodaro
  • CTO at

Deploying your Laravel application

In this talk, we are going to look at deployment strategies and techniques available to you once you are done creating your beautiful application.


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